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Monthly Dharma Teaching #13 from Palpung Publications

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Mind Cultivation in Buddhist Spirituality
by Kyabgon Traleg Rinpoche

From the Buddhist point of view, whatever we perceive we perceive according to the structures and the functions of the mind. So how we perceive with our normal consciousness is illusory, is distorted. And the reason is because distorted forms of thoughts and conflicting emotions govern our normal function of consciousness; what sort of feelings we have, what sort of things we think about, what sort of emotions that we experience, these all go towards perpetuating delusory states of mind. So therefore we cannot free ourselves from seeing things in an illusory fashion.

In Buddhist mental training then what we are trying to do is reverse that process so that we can begin to operate from another level of consciousness, which is not just about manipulating our everyday experience of consciousness, different states and so forth. But it is another, it's like a higher if you like, it's a higher states of consciousnesses which is non-deluded precisely because there's a sense of, for lack of a better expression, perspicacity or clarity. Because our normal consciousness, according to Buddhism, is in fact not at all conscious, as it is said, it's like we're half asleep, so the delusions, their effect on the consciousness is to dim our awareness so the mind becomes very dull and dimmed. Therefore mind's ability to function fully is jeopardized or compromised and so it's robbed of its full potential to function.

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