martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Monthly Dharma Teaching #16 from Palpung Publications

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Warm Heart Open Mind
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I'm going to explain something about the value of warm-heartedness. Firstly, in our daily life, of course everybody is concerned about their health. Now warm-heartedness makes the body elements more balanced, because warm-heartedness reduces fear and anxiety. So that's actually helpful for developing self-confidence and a sense of security which is very helpful for creating better balance of the body elements. Then I think everything including the blood circulation and digestion, sleep, everything will go very smoothly. So warm-heartedness is a very helpful way to keep our body healthy.

Sometimes my friends ask me what my secret is. They seem to see a healthy body. I reply saying: Nothing. No secret way, nothing. Perhaps I think my daily routine is generally more calm; more than that, I don't know. You see my time of getting up and also going to sleep and the time of lunch, these things, usually there is regularity. Yes, more regularity. I think that's perhaps one factor. Then I think a more important factor seems to lie in my mental state, which, in spite of some difficulties, some tragic sort of events, even my own illness or pain, remains quite calm.

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