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Monthly Dharma Teaching #17 from Palpung Publications

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Stress Management
by the 12th Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche


I have been requested to speak on Shinay and Lhaktong and also something related to prayer, particularly to help people overcome something that these days is quite common, I think the medical term for it is stress. I personally don't have one word for it because one person's difficulty may not necessarily be another person's difficulty; things work differently for different people and that way I really don't know exactly what so-called stress is. But of course people get tired, people get confused, people are overwhelmed by other people's expectations or their own expectations of themselves, all kinds of things which become unreasonable. So an individual feels it and doesn't like it, doesn't appreciate it and would like to overcome and do away with it if possible, so I think that is what everybody calls stress.


According to Lord Buddha's teaching, if we look at the very beginning of Lord Buddha's teaching, the first noble truth that he taught was the truth of suffering, which means that every sentient being, as long as he or she is not free, then that person is not exempt from suffering and that person suffers one way or another. So it is not the individual potential that deserves suffering, on the contrary, it is because of the individual's lack of development of their potential and their lack of full usage of their potential that they are suffering. Therefore, the truth of suffering was the first noble truth that Buddha taught, and I am quite sure it will include stress.


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