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Monthly Dharma Teaching #20 from Palpung Publications

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Dharma for the Urban Professional
by the 12th Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche

What are the differences between urban professionals and rural unprofessionals? Actually rural unprofessionals are not that busy, they have lots of time and do not know that much, therefore they do not have that much confusion. Then urban professionals are very busy, have lots of stress and know a lot, therefore they have a lot to be confused about. If you don't know much then you don't have much confusion, but if you know a lot then you can get confused. Confusion is like being mixed up. For example, if you don't have too many books, just a few, then you cannot get them mixed up—you can find your books very easily if you only have three. But if you have a thousand books and you don't put them on your shelf properly then you cannot find the book that you want to find because you have too many. Then that is stress—trying to find them, not finding them, finding the wrong one. When I looked at the request for this subject and tried to define who an urban professional is and who is not an urban professional then this simple thing came out.

But whether you are a rural unprofessional or an urban professional the importance of dharma practice is equal, there is no difference. Because when you say important and not important, from that context it is important for both—urban professionals have lots of suffering and rural unprofessional also have lots of suffering, and both of them have limitless potential, the Buddha potential; therefore the importance of the dharma practice is equal. But somehow, when you say importance, such as a real, immediate kind of desperate need, then I would say urban professionals will get lots of immediate dharma benefit when they practice. Then vice-versa, rural unprofessional will get long term dharma benefit when they practice. For long term dharma benefit both are equal, but urban professionals will get a more immediate kind of dharma benefit.

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