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Monthly Dharma Teaching # 25 from Palpung Publications

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Warm Heart Open Mind (4)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We are now entering the twenty-first century. I think the beginning of this century was not a very happy one. Some tragic situations happened at the very beginning of this century. I believe that these tragic situations did not happen suddenly, but because of the left over influences of the nineteenth century and also especially the twentieth century.

In spite of the tremendous economic development and modern education, health care, and all sorts of new inventions, the new findings of science, still we are human beings, so still in our mind different kinds of emotions are there. So, on top of this modern development, mainly the material aspect, now the time has come to take more care about human emotions. Now suddenly, all the various different religious traditions have an important role, which is to make a new shape or a shift in human emotions. Obviously, all religious traditions are concerned about love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, self-discipline, contentment, and so on. These are the methods to reduce negative emotions and to increase, to strengthen the positive emotions. Certainly all the different religious traditions adopt these things in the same way. Among these different traditions Buddhism is certainly one of the very important traditions. I think one unique Buddhist thing is the Buddhist way of thinking; the Buddhist way or approach to our emotions is mainly using human intelligence.

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