lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Monthly Dharma Teaching # 26 from Palpung Publications

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Ultimately Perfect
The 12th Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche

I am sharing a few words of dharma which I have received from my sacred and kind enlightened masters. The subject requested here is 'ultimately perfect'. It is quite obvious that we are talking about ultimate by definition of being ultimate which is beyond the opposite of relative. Normally when we say ultimate we are talking about it as the opposite of relative, so the relatively speaking ultimate. That ultimate is sometimes perfect and sometimes not, but if you go beyond that, then everything is perfect. The easiest way to look at this aspect of ultimate is by looking at the mind—in each one of us, everything that is perfect is our mind. Our mind is perfect but our thoughts are not perfect, our perceptions are not perfect, and our body definitely is not perfect, it can't even fly or jump very well. Monkeys have a hundred times better body than we do. For example, their feet are useful in that they don't need staircases. But we need staircases because our feet are useless—we have to walk up, we can't just hold on with our hands. We say hold on with our hands; we never say hold on with our feet! Anyway, when I say ultimate you have to know that we are talking about the ultimate which is beyond the dualistic definition of ultimate and relative.

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