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Monthly Dharma Teaching # 27 from Palpung Publications

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The Five Strengths
The 12th Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche

In the Vajrayana teachings there is one very important aspect that involves antidotes. Antidotes for all the fear, antidotes for all the anxiety, and antidotes for all the regrets that might happen when our doctor tells us: "I'm sorry, we have done our best, but this is it." So when that happens we should not be overwhelmed by it. We should be able to say: "Yes alright, it's okay." We should be able to pull ourselves together and finish that half-done will, otherwise we go and everybody is left behind to fight with each other. It's pretty bad. So we should be able to take care of that as well.

In Tibetan it is nyenpo tob nga: nyenpo means 'antidote', tob means 'strength', and nga means 'five'. So through these five understandings and five confirmations, five practices will help us to overcome any shortcomings in everything, but especially when the end of this life and the beginning of the next life takes place.

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