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Monthly Dharma Teaching # 29 from Palpung Publications

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The Four Immeasurables in the Context of Ethics, Meditation, and Wisdom
By the 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche

Knowledge, discriminating wisdom or prajna concerns the correct view. Why? We all know that samsara or "cyclic existence" entails suffering and wish to become free of the inadequacies of conditioned existence by achieving nirvana or "freedom from suffering." Merely understanding that samsara is suffering and nirvana is peace is not sufficient to attain liberation. We must have thorough knowledge of what samsara and nirvana actually are in order to attain the correct view concerning the ultimate reality of dharmata, "suchness, meaningfulness, being as such," which enables us to properly focus our attention on the healthy and pure outlook.

Without the basis of the correct view, we would not be able to follow the path of the Buddhadharma, which eventually leads to fruition. For example, if someone intends to reach a specific destination without knowing where it is located or how to get there, they could not possibly arrive. They must study all details of their journey before setting out. Similarly, the proper view is essential before embarking on the spiritual path to enlightenment. The healthy view is the irremissible condition for meditative practices. Lacking the view, we persist with our materialistic ideas and remain beset by spiritual materialism.

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