jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Monthly Dharma Teaching # 31 from Palpung Publications

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Mahamudra Practice
By the 12th Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche

So far, I have been teaching about Mahamudra in a very general sort of way. You may call it an introduction or summary of Mahamudra. Now, I thought perhaps it will be beneficial for all of us to learn about Mahamudra practice, not just a general introduction but about practice. It will also be very much an introduction to, or a summary of, the practice. In principle, all the teachings of Buddha are for practice; all the teachings of Buddha only give us the final or complete result if we practice them. Without practice, of course, we get benefits. For example, knowing something is much better that not knowing, and knowing correctly is much better than knowing incorrectly. So this way, knowing dharma is very, very beneficial. Just associating with dharma is also very, very beneficial. Associating with good things is much better than associating with bad things, and associating with the right thing is much better than associating with the wrong things. So association with the dharma and understanding of the dharma is all beneficial, but we only achieve the total benefit if we practice.

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