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Web Link Buddhism

Web Link Buddhism

Link The Berzin Archives
One of the best textual sources for Tibetan Buddhist studies. Highly recommended. Explanations of the different Tibetan traditions regarding sutra and tantra; Kalachakra, astrology, dzogchen, and mahamudra; graded levels for study and practice, inclu
Link Tibetan Buddhist Research Center (TBRC)
Excellent Site for scholars, researchers, and translator. TBRC also publishes almost all major Tibetan Buddhist scriptures in PDF format.
Link The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library (THDL)
The Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library is an international community using Web-based technologies to integrate diverse knowledge about Tibet and the Himalayas for free access from around the world.
Yamantaka (Vajrabhairava) Practice Support Site (managed by the same people who manage this website).
Although dedicated to the Kalachakra practice this site offers so many wonderful texts and an incredible wealth of information.
Vajrayogini practice support site by Jhampa Shaneman. With discussion and forum areas. Registration required for access.

Tibetan Literary Encyclopedia Project Status Report

(Apr. 13, 2009) THL has recently completed a major overhaul of its Literary Encyclopedia (previously known as “Literature Collections”), updating several major resources to provided easier access and heightened functionality as well as presenting a new look and feel. The new Literary Encyclopedia contains updated versions of the Catalog of the Collected Tantras of the Ancients and the digital version of Tibetan Literature: Studies in Genre, along with the addition of a knowledge map outlining the genres of Tibetan literature.

As part of the Canons Project, work is being done on creating a digital catalog of both the bKa’ ’gyur and bsTan ’gyur, respectively containing the revered scriptures of the Buddha and subsequent commentarial material. These catalogs will provide a comprehensive analysis of the texts in these two collection including reference to the most important and popular editions as well as links to digitized versions of the text in the form of page scans and entered Unicode Tibetan texts.

Elsewhere in the Literary Encyclopedia, we are close to releasing a catalog and digital version of the Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (c. 1910-1991), one of the preeminent leaders of the Nyingma, who was a key figure in the dissemination of Tibetan Buddhism to the West. The catalog and digitally entered and proofed texts have been provided by Shechen Monastery, while the technical work or markup and digital display has been done by THL.

Along with all this, THL is close to implementing high-speed comprehensive searching of all its catalogs using SOLR/Lucene technology. Initially, a simple text search on keywords and names will be provided, but once this is operative, we will quickly be able to provide enhanced search capabilities allowing for more advanced context searches and the like.

These are just some of the more immediate projects coming within the THL Literary Encyclopedia. Check back for updates on the progress of these and the addition of other new projects.

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